La. Rebel All-Stars

THE LOUISIANA REBEL ALL-STAR PROGRAM is a collection of all-star cheer teams that range from ages 4 to 18 years of age and for athletes of all levels.  The Rebel Program offers Three types of All-Star Cheer Teams; "NOVICE Teams", "PREP Competitive Teams" and "ELITE Competitive Teams".  This Family of Teams is a fun and exciting opportunity for young people to experience the THRILLING "SPORT" of All-star Cheerleading!  This is a "TEAM" commitment, therefore there are expectations and requirements for parents and athletes for the duration of the season. Our Rebel Parents & Athletes must possess these qualities; Dependability, Selflessness/"Team First", Hard Working, Ability to Work well with others and more... 

REBEL MISSION  (WOLHG) - Win Or Lose Honor God - we strive to do this by giving our best in Attitude, Effort & Support in all 3 Facets of the program; 1. Rebel Coaches 2. Rebel Athletes 3. Rebel Parents 

Questions? Contact All-star Director or call the office at 865-0264 between 3:00 & 6:30 weekdays.